I was born in France where I completed all my studies, although I spent 5 years in Montreal at young age where I gained my Canadian citizenship. From age 10 I was interested in computer science and at the age of 16 I became passionate about AI and Neural Networks. Since then, I've been pushing my studies and professional interests toward a full-time career in this domain. I have completed my PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualization from the Bordeaux University (LaBRI) and worked on several personal AI projects to test some of my ideas.

My Goal

The AI race took off a couple of years ago and I am committed to being a part of it. I'm highly motivated in finding a way to construct a program capable of learning - to teach a computer to learn to learn.

AI Experiences

KEY PROJECT: GenLib, a Genetic Algorithm framework used to build and compare GA structures, completed during my PhD. You can find mode information about the project here.

EMPLOYMENT: 2 and a half years at Yseop (Lyon), one of the top leaders in Natural Language Generation.

INTERNSHIP: ENSC laboratory on the enhancement of a Pavlov Conditioning Model based on Bayesian Networks.

INTEREST: Coded several neural network models throughout my studies as personal projects.


Some of the main projects I made. GenLib and CampPlanner should be soon published on a LGPL license.

  • GenLib & GenetipsMonitor

    A genetic algorithm structure builder. Its goal is to create, execute and compare different structures of genetic algorithms (C++/Java)

  • CampPlanner

    A camping management software, designed for a small camping (like my parent's one for example). Can be used for booking, sales, billing and automatic export of all accountability data. Heavy client and GWT interfaces.

  • Triades & DatapackCreator - Triasketch

    A set of 3 decision making software, created in partnership with Robert MICHIT. They are designed to allow a final user to easily use the Triads method. All these software are sold by MC2R.


You will find here my resume, my PhD thesis and the 2 papers I published in English. The research report Reusable genomes : Welcome to the green genetic algorithm world is interesting as it give a good introduction at my PhD project GenLib.

PhD Thesis

  • Assistance à l'utilisateur novice dans le cadre du dessin de graphe à l'aide de méthode d'apprentissage
  • (in French)

My Resume

One Graph, Multiple Drawings

  • IV 2013, London

Reusable genomes : Welcome to the green genetic algorithm world

  • Research Report