My parents and sisters bought a small camping in Ardeche in 2012, Le Folastere. Since then, they managed together this small structures. At the beginning, everything was done manually (booking were written in a little notebook, bills hand-written, etc...).
The worse was accounting, my mother almost get crazy by doing it (while she was learning how to do it). So I decided to write a small software for the to easier everything and most importantly export automatically data to accounting.

Tech Specs

Client side : Java heavy Client and GWT Web Interface (new)
Server Side : Simple MySQL database (but could be any SQL DTB)
--> Allow easy data back-ups
Maven project to allow quick deployment
No property hard written in the software, everything is configurable.
Currently in French but internalization is planned !

Open Source Availability

CampPlanner is "in production" since last year. This summer will be the first use of the new GWT interfaces. It's now working pretty good but I plan to make a lot of small changes and enhancement during the three next months, mostly on the GUI (I'm not really specialized in GUI design...). So I prefer to wait a little bit before it open source spreading, I'll also have to add documentation and create a demo database.
So I hope it will be ready for public release at the end of the year.


Some screenshots of GUI.

  • Booking panel

  • Location Administration Panel

  • Bill Panel

  • A bill once generated as PDF

  • Sales Panel

  • Web Sales Panel


Most of the planned features are now implemented and ready to use.


  • Client database management
  • Possibility to register multiple tents and locations
  • Sales associated to a booking for automatic billing
    at the end of the stay
  • Personalized options, advanced and delayed payments


  • Fully customizable bills
  • PDF generation
  • Linked to accountancy data


  • Fully graphical planning
  • Different state to follow easily booking validation and advanced payments reception
  • Adaptive drawings for camping section


  • Easy product data input
  • Personalized tax rates
  • Stock management
  • Direct payment or association to a client bill


  • Automatic export of bill data to accountancy
  • Easy selection of bill to export and log of previous exports
  • One export format to CielCompta (a French accountancy software), but export format is really easy to change
  • Full personalization of accountancy categories and account number

Web Interface

  • New web interface for sales
  • Easy and quick to use
  • More features to come (planning should be first)
  • All the usual billing process is automatically done server side